The 40th Anniversary Graduation Reunion Lunch was held at the Loose Goose Restaurant,Twin Waters, on Saturday 7th September 2013


Jim & Paulette Adams, Noel Allen, Don & Ann Anning, Paul & Maree Birch

Murray & Mary Collins, Nev & Robbie Donaldson, John & Gwen Fisher

Lex & Debbie Franks, Neil Hardy, Terry & Immy McKiernan

Bernie & Robyn Maher, Ross & Jenny Martin, John & Judy Mewing

Chris & Dymphna Muir, Michael & Paula O’Brien, Ray & Cheryl Pascual

Lindsay Rogers, Phil & Lyn Saxby, Yuris & Anne Spelitis, Mark Tuffley


Unable to Attend : Peter Andronicus, Mal Coote, Peter Deves, Vernon Gagliardi, Murray Holmes, Ron Petherick, Dave Tarvit

Unable to Contact: Greg Bates, Eddie Kolos, George Vasiliev, Eric Wong

Missed: Jim McCallum and Geoff McKellar